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Recent and Forthcoming services

Services are normally held on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday at 11.30 am and on the preceding Saturday at 6.00 pm of every month. In addition, an evening Vesperal Liturgy is normally celebrated at 6.30 pm on the eve of the Great Feasts when these occur on a weekday.

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Recent and Forthcoming events

Deanery Conference 2015
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Exarchat news letter January 2015
The Messenger (Journal of the Deanery)

Past events

2014 Exarchat news letter
Easter message from Archbishop Job
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Churches Together in Clapham - CTiC
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General Assembly of the Archdiocese
Celebration Day

Children's Summer Camp 2012

Patronal feast of the parish Feast of St Peter and St Paul
25th-26th June 2011

To be celebrated during the weekend of 25th-26th June 2011 Saturday 25th June 2011 at 6.00 pm: Festal Vespers and Matins Sunday 26th June 2011 at 11.30 am: Festal Liturgy followed by a celebratory picnic and games for the children in the Garden of Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common


Deanery Annual Conference
All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, St Albans, Herts AL2 1AF
27th-30th May 2011

Further details from Carol Graves 020-8540 6571
For up to date information please visit (and bookmark) the following permanent link:


Pastoral visit of Archbishop Gabriel of Comana
to the Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul, Clapham, London
30th-31st October 2010

Archbishop Gabriel joined us for the celebration of the Vigil, during which he blessed the people, on the evening of Saturday of 30th October. This came at the end of a busy day during which he had spent the morning chairing a meeting of the clergy of our Deanery, as he had the previous evening. After the vigil Archbishop Gabriel, the clergy and some members of the parish council were invited at the nearby home of Alexis Martinowsky, our parish treasurer, who prepared a most delicious meal!

On Sunday morning of the 31st October Archbishop Gabriel presided at the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. It was an immensely joyful occasion with a good-sized congregation of over 100 adults and children.

A special Episcopal Eagle mat depicting at its base historic buildings of London was used during the service. It was especially embroidered by Margaret Stevens, who during the last few years lead the team of parishioners responsible for the production of all of our vestments and altar covers.

Amongst other things, ArchbishopGabriel spoke of the importance of fraternal relations and practical co-operation with other Christians and of the way in which we have a God given vocation to be a living icon of the ancient Apostolic Church for our all our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

After the Liturgy, Archbishop Gabriel read out an announcement which informed us that the parish had been bequeathed a house in Wimbledon, to be used in future as the parish house, together with a substantial legacy. This generous gift, received with deep gratitude from a much loved, founding member of our parish, who fell asleep in the Lord earlier this year, will enable us to continue the building up of our parish.

Special thanks and prayers were offered for the 25 years of priestly service of Father Alexander, our parish rector, and to celebrate the first anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of Father Ian.

The Divine Liturgy was followed by an excellent parish lunch in the church hall, consisting of food prepared by our parishioners, during which good use was made of the opportunity to talk with and get to know the Archbishop.

One impression of the two days that has remained with all of us with great clarity is that Archbishop Gabriel seemed to be totally 'at home' in are our parish and, to an equal degree, the parish was 'at home' with him. It was a time of great joy in which the parish was able to be 'The Church' to the fullest extent - the people gathered around the Bishop in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Photos of the visit of Archbishop Gabriel


Churches Together in Clapham - CTiC

The annual service during “One World Week” will take place at 6.30 pm on Sunday 24th October 2010 at St James Church, Park Hill, London SW4

A special CTiC service will be held on the first Sunday of Advent at 6.30 pm on Sunday 28th November 2010 at St Paul’s Church, Rectory Grove, London SW4 0DX

The local Churches have been approached to support a new initiative providing regular support to prisoners, for an agreed but limited time after their release, from a group of concerned volunteers. The aim is to help the prisoner resettle effectively and not re-offend. This is a most worthwhile project, and ideal for CTiC since the volunteers are motivated by their faith and it requires only a few people for a limited time. Further details available from Father Alexander 020-7722 1663


News Archive

Pilgrimage to Istanbul (Constantinople)
Annual Episcopal Vicariate Summer Camp
Annual Episcopal Vicariate Conference (2007)

Parish Newsletter

“Bring and Buy” sale on 24th January 2010

On Sunday 24th January 2010 our parish held a sale after the Liturgy in the lower hall at St. Peter’s Church.


Epiphany News

Conference in Memory of Metropolitan Anthony (June 2008)

A one-day Conference will be held in London on Saturday, 21 June 2008, dedicated to Metropolitain Anthony of Sourozh and commemorating the 94th anniversary of his birth on 19 June 1914. For more information please follow the link to the Vicariate website.

Booking form


Annual Espiscopal Vicariate Conference (May 2008)

This conference's theme was "For the life of the world". The conference took place over May Bank holiday (Friday 23th to Monday 26th May 2008) at the All Saints Pastoral Centre near St Albans. For a detailed report please follow the link to the Vicariate website.


Youth Summer Camp

A camp is planned around the last week in July / first week in August for 2008.

For further information please contact Father Alexander or Deacon Peter and Irina Scorer: tel. 01392278585, email, address: 32 Barnfield road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1RX.


Episcopal Vicariate Assembly

The elections to Clergy-Laity Assembly took place in autumn 2007. For details of the first meeting of the Assembly please see


EPIPHANY: Contemporary Iconographers in Britain

This exhibtion shows work of 15 contemporary, traditional iconographers who live and work in the UK. Admission free. Additional information can be found on the Vicariate website.


General Assembly of the Archdiocese

The General Assembly of the Archdiocese was held between the 30th April and 1st May 2007 at St Sergius' Institute, Paris.

Alexandra Milton, a member of our congregation attended the conference and kindly wrote the following report.

"Last month I had the privilege to represent our parish at the General Assembly of our Archdiocese.

It is held every three years in Paris. The purpose is to hear the report of Archbishop Gabriel and elect the Council of the Archdiocese that helps and advises him; and to vote on issues concerning the whole Archdiocese. It also hears reports on financial matters and other activities.

This time the General Assembly gathered some 200 clergy and representatives of parishes from right across Western Europe. There were interpreters for English and Russian speakers. It was the first time that the 22 representatives from Britain had come to the meeting and we were made to feel very welcome. It was fascinating to talk with someone from a little parish in Norway, to a priest from Düsseldorf, to a churchwarden from Florence.

Among the items on the agenda was voting upon the election of a new assistant bishop to provide pastoral care for our communities in Scandinavia. We also heard about recent developments in the legal battles taking place between the Moscow Patriarchate and the parishes in Nice and Biarritz. It was heartening to hear Archbishop Gabriel's absolute commitment to support these parishes.

For the British representatives, the most important item on the agenda was the vote on the internal statutes of our new Episcopal Vicariate. Many people had already privately expressed their joy and excitement about us all being part of the same Archdiocese. This enthusiasm was made public with the near unanimous vote of endorsement for the Vicariate; and the fact that our priest in Clapham, Father Alexander, was elected onto the Council of the Archdiocese with the highest number of votes. The five other new Council members are also particularly known for their commitment and dynamism.

Archbishop Gabriel displayed obvious regard and sympathy towards Bishop Basil, Father Michel Fortounatto (now retired in France), Father Alexander and Deacon Peter Scorer, who all made presentations. It was wonderful to feel and know that we are part of such a loving, large, dynamic and ever-growing body."

Alexandra Milton

Additional reports of the conference can be found at the Vicariate website.


Celebration Day

    This Celebration Day, in Thanksgiving for the 4th anniversary of the founding of our community and its recent recognition as a parish, was marked by an Episcopal Liturgy presided Bishop Basil of Amphipolis, assisted by Archpriest Alexander Fostiropoulos, Father Ian Wallis, Deacon John Musther and Deacon Constantine Litvinenko. A congregation of nearly 200 people including some 30 children, most of whom have been worshipping regularly in this parish since it was founded in 2003, attended the service and the festal meal that followed afterwards in the Church Hall.

Bishop Basil Congregation Bishop Basil Altar Church Feast

    Bishop Basil's greeting to the people at the end of the Liturgy:

 'It is a great pleasure to be here today and to see how many people have come to celebrate the fourth anniversary of your presence here in St Peter's Clapham. We must all be grateful to Father David Isherwood and the Parish Council of St Peter's for allowing us to use this beautiful church twice a month for Orthodox services. In four years you have done a great deal. In fact, it is marvellous. I know very well the amount of work that has to go into organising parish life on this scale - especially for your priest, Father Alexander - and the kind of sacrifice it requires on the part of many, many people.

 I want to say as well that it is a joy to see new faces each time I visit you. This can only mean that the parish is an open community, open outwards towards others. This an essential aspect of our Church life, and of the Gospel of Christ, an openness to the other that does settle simply for comfort in their presence, but actively seeks their salvation - just as God has actively seeks our salvation. So may God bless you in the coming years; may he give you the strength to continue the work which you have begun; and may he give you joy in your salvation and in each other's presence in the community of the Church.'


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